Sunday, November 07, 2004

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How to contribute

Help me have a better future

Yes! I want to help Fr. Jean and Bishop Chibly educate the children of Haiti.

  • ___Patron, building name rights: $30,000
  • ___Underwriters, classroom naming rights @$8500
  • ___Significant donors, sponsoring teacher salaries @ $1500
  • ___Donors able to fund cafeteria @ $500
  • ___Sponsors: funding scholarships @ $150
  • ___Friends able to help with school supplies @ $50
  • ___$_______Other Donation
  • ___I'd like to be on Fr. Jean's planning team.
  • ___Please send me newsletters
  • ___* I'd like to send a gift in honor of a friend. Please send me a gift card.

    Name:____________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City: ___________ State______ Zip Code______ Telephone: ______Email:__________________

    Send this information to Patricia at

Method of Payment:

Please make your tax deductible checks payable to HBHH (Help Brings Hope for Haiti, Inc.)

Please mail to: HBHH

2617 Prospect Rd.

Tampa, Florida 33629

Credit Cards: Please use Paypay on this site. (click on the "Make a Donation" button).

Help Brings Hope for Haiti, Inc. (HBHH) is a non profit 501(c)3 corporation founded to educate the poor in Haiti.


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