Friday, June 24, 2005

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Typical Homes you see in Northern Haiti

Typical Homes in Haiti Posted by Hello

These are typicial homes you see on the Northern Coast of Haiti on the roads from Cap Haitian to Fort Liberte. Notice the cactus that is used as a fence. This is used everywhere. The cactus is also used as a place to put their clothes to dry after being hand washed.

Many homes have no doors or windows. Obviously, there is no running water or electricity. Most homes are made of woven sticks with the clay soil put on top to seal the cracks. If you are very lucky, you have a small home made of cinder blocks.

The family structure is very different in Haiti. Many families live together. It is common for brothers, sisters, their spouses, parents, children and cousins to all live in one small house. Most sleep on flat woven mats on the floor. The privacy and space we enjoy in America just doesn't exist in Haiti.


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