Friday, May 05, 2006

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They Found Water!

HBHH's goal of drilling wells in the St. Suzanne area has been successful! The first of 3 planned wells has been drilled and the village has a clean and close water supply. (3 wells had been drilled back in the 80's but are no longer working.) Excitement from the entire village was felt as many villagers came by from time to time to see the well being drilled.
When I arrived the work had stopped because a part was needed, but I was blessed to be there when they hit water.

Two of the wells will be drilled in St. Suzanne, while the 3rd will be at the new school in Cotlette. In St. Suzanne, one well will be in front of the Church in the center of the village, another one at the school. It was very exciting to see something that will make a huge difference in the lives in this village. Posted by Picasa