Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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Well drilling Macine donated by Blackbird Technologies

Supplying much needed water in the Nord-Est area of Haiti, just got easier thanks to Peggy Styer, Steve Pann, and Richard Moxley, owners of Blackbird Technologies, Inc. from Herndon, VA.

Randy Brown and Fr. Joseph Waters of Corpus Christi parish in Tampa, FL, worked diligently to get the well drilling machine donated. Thanks to their efforts and the generosity of Blackbird Technologies, those efforts were a success.

The well drilling machine has arrived in Haiti with all the drilling pipes and supplies needed to help the Haitians get the much needed wells dug. The machine has the capability to drill up to 650’ in depth. The well machine has been donated to Bishop Chilby Langlois, the Bishop of Nord-Est diocese. He will coordinate the efforts to start the well drilling process.