Friday, June 24, 2005

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The Cathedral is in the downtown area, very close to the National Palace. Fr. Jean, the Bishop and 6 other priest live and work in the rectory and offices located next to the Cathedral. Directly across the street is a slum area where many of the 'bandits' hang out. This makes living and working in this area very dangerous.

The 2nd picture is the Archdiocese Building that holds most of all the offices and Radio Soleil. The original building was burned a few years ago. The Bishop sent a request to Italy, and was given $1.4 million to build a building to hold all the different department needs of the diocese.

I had very mixed feelings about the luxury of this building compared to the poverty that is next door. But after being in Haiti, I have changed my mind. The people need to see what can be, they need to know the Catholic Church is strong, and has a strong, solid presence. Within these office walls, help comes to the people. That is a good thing.Posted by Hello


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