Friday, May 05, 2006

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HBHH Donates Food for St. Suzanne Needy.

On my April trip to Haiti, the Parish Council spoke about the needs of the poor, the sick , and the elderly who don't have enough food to eat. The Parish Council spoke of their frustrations that they have nothing to give them. During that trip, Fr. Medenel showed me his pantry that was almost empty. He asked if we could help him help the hungry.
On Wednesday, May 3rd, it was a great joy to see the sacks of food that the parish was able to buy with the money HBHH had sent to them. The villagers were so grateful for everything that was given to them. A group of parish members orgainzed the food distribution. They distributed rice, oil, cornmeal and beans. Everyone was so thankful for the help given them. It will be wonderful to also be able to give medical care to these people this summer.
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