Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Fr. Medenel stays busy on 1st Tampa Visit

Fr. Medenel,the Pastor of St. Suzanne in Haiti, didn't get any rest while he was here for one week in Tampa. Fr. Medenel had lunch with Fr. Daly and Fr. Bernard and other CTK parishioners. He visited the Christ the King school and met the principal, Jayne Forbus.
Fr. Medenel spoke to a local "Challenge Group", and thanked them for the shoe drive they did for his parish children. He shared with them what Christmas is like for the village children in Haiti. "The spirit and love of baby Jesus is the only present that all Haitian children receive," he told the 10 year old club members from 4 different elementary schools in Tampa.
Fr. Bernard and Fr. Medenel enjoyed seeing the Tampa Aquarium. Fr. Medenel carved his 1st pumpkin. He met with some of the Jesuit Key club members.
Fr. Medenel visited Fr. Ed Palka while in Dade City. Fr. Palka gave him some liturgical items that were much needed. The purpose of the Dade City visit was to visit Morning Star Fishermen, a fish farm designed for 3rd world countries.
Fr. Medenel got to meet some of HBHH's supporters while asking for much needed help in his parish. He was very grateful to everyone he met and all the help that he's been given by the HBHH supporters. Posted by Picasa