Friday, June 24, 2005

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Cap Haitian, the 2nd capital of Haiti

Cap Haitian

The top picture is Bishop Hubert, the Bishop of Cap Haitian with Fr. Jean. Bishop Hubert is a charming, extremely intelligent, holy Bishop. Fr. Jean and I stopped here for lunch on our way back to the airport.

Bishop Hubert spoke of how beautiful his country was years ago, before "Papa Doc" Duvalier took over. He reminisced about the good roads, phone service and electricity throughout his country. He is a man of vision, forcefully fighting to better his country and strengthen the Catholic faith and the faith of his flock. His dream is to have a TV station similar to EWTN through out Haiti.

You also see the beautiful cathedral. Below you see the large market area of Cap Haitian. Cap Haitian is considered the 2nd capital of Haiti. It is on the Northern cost of Haiti. It is a city filled with filth, poverty contrasted with extreme wealth. It is still a safe place to be in Haiti. Posted by Hello


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