Monday, July 24, 2006

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HBHH Teen Mission Team arrives in Haiti!

HBHH sends a team of 12 teens and parents to St. Suzanne for the 1st Catholic Mission Group to this area.
The team's goal was to work alongside the Haitians to paint the school in St. Suzanne and to help get things ready for the Medical Mission the following week.
This group of teens was wonderful. They were such hard workers, overcoming the hardships Americans are not used to having.
The villagers seemed to love having us in their village. They would return all of our smiles and greetings each morning as we walked up the hill to the school and the clinic to do our work. One of the things they loved was to have us take their picture and then show them on our digital cameras.
Being in Haiti was a great experience for all of us. We all grew to love the joy, simplicity and spirituality of the Haitian people. Posted by Picasa