Monday, February 12, 2007

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Education and Schools

We were full of joy at seeing this young boy in the village with one of the note books and backpacks that were donated this year sitting outside doing his homework! What a difference from last year when notebooks and book bags didn't exist.

The new Christ the King Cotelette School is near completion. At this time the school has 5 classes of students with close to 200 students. Next year that number can double with the completion of 4 more classrooms! It was a joy to see the student and teacher's desks in place. It looked like a normal school! The desks are a bit large for the small classrooms. But we were told that it was worth it, for the advantage of each student having his own desk.

The bottom picture is the refurbished classroom in the older St. Suzanne School in St. Suzanne. This school has close to 500 students and has split sessions. It was amazing to see the transformation made possible by the Hillsborough School system and the teen mission group that worked so hard giving the school a facelift.
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