Saturday, June 25, 2005

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Building Campaign

Cotlette New School Phase 1 (1st Floor)

Cotlette New School Phase 2 (2nd Floor)

In response to an urgent appeal by Bishop Chibly, HBHH has directed its immediate attention to the construction of a Catholic elementary school in the village of Cotlette within the Fort Liberte Diocese. The enrollment of this school is project to be 400 children. The Bishop has made the construction of this school his top 2005-06 priority because those parishioners have no school whatsoever for their children.

HBHH is partnering with the Bishop to build the 8 room elementary school in two phases. Plans have been drawn, bids have been received, and archdiocesan property has been allocated.

Now, HBHH needs to partner with its benefactors to raise the necessary funds to make the plans and drawings a reality.

Bishops Chibly's Cotlette Catholic Elementary:

* Capacity: 400 children (double shifts)
* 15 teachers
* Phase 1: $35,551.43 - foundation, four classrooms, kitchen facilities, 1 bathroom, 2 living quarters for teachers.
* Phase 2: $32,927.22 - second story with four classrooms and office space.
* Total required funds: $68,478.65

Here is what HBHH has currently committed to the project: $12,000.00

Here is what we need:

* Patron, building name rights: $30,000
*Underwriters, classroom naming rights @$8500.
* Major donors, furnishing classrooms @ $5,000
* Significant donors, sponsoring teacher salaries @ $1500
* Donors able to fund cafeteria @ $500
* Sponsors: funding scholarships @ $150
* Friends able to help with school supplies @ $50

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