Monday, February 12, 2007

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Pure Drinking Water in St. Suzanne!

At last, the villagers have pure water that was tested in a US lab as being pure! This is huge for the villagers. You can see them gathered around the well, waiting their turn from one of the 4 spigots of clean water.

In Haiti, nothing is easy. While the problem of water has been solved, problems still arise. It cost $7 each day to pump the water needed for the villagers. This money is not something that Fr. Medenel, the local priest, has available.

The last picture sadly shows the well quiet. Because of the shortage of funds, the well gives water only every other day. HBHH is looking for donors to help with this problem . For only $50, you can help give water to this village for one week! Please help if you can!

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