Monday, October 01, 2007

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2007 3rd Mission Trip: Teen Mission

18 teens, college students and adults traveled to St. Suzanne, Haiti, to help where they could in a beautiful mountain village. The goal of this trip was to paint the new school built by HBHH in the remote village of Cotlette. The team traveled by foot or truck to and from Cotlette every day, a 30 minute car ride or an hour walk through the mountains.

The group also installed tether ball poles at the existing school in St. Suzanne and taught teachers and students how to play volley ball and tether ball. The teens played soccer with the village kids, always a joyful experience!

The teens distributed rosaries that were sent to HBHH by numerous rosary maker groups from all parts of the United States and Cananda. Many other projects were done by this great group of Americans willing to bring hope to the Haitian people. The group loved the joy of the Haitian people and know their experience this summer will change their lives forever!
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