Monday, February 12, 2007

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Land Erosion

Everyone knows that the lack of energy has caused huge problems in Haiti. Charcoal is used for fuel and this has caused huge problems resulting from the cutting down of trees to make the charcoal.

Last summer this hill, next to the St. Suzanne clinic and school, was in much better shape. It was a huge shock to see what has happened in such a short period of time.

HHBH has asked Fr. Medenel to start negotiations with the owner of this property to purchase this land in an effort to save it. If funds are able to be obtained, Judge John Laurent will lead efforts to start planting a variety of trees, vegetables and grass.

HBHH has a plan to plant a variety of trees that will re-nouish the soil and stop erosion. These trees will have different uses- food, lumber, nutrients, and charcoal. The trees will be planted with vegetables, and different types of grasses. Every thing that will be planted will be in an effort to stop the erosion and help dramatically with the water table, in addition to providing food, jobs and income. The different types of grass will also provide feed for the grazing animals.
If you can help us in this effort, please do. It will take donations to buy the property, buy the trees, and build water cisterns. We will have to find a way to pump the water to the cisterns to keep everything growing in the dry season. Not an easy task, but a very worthwhile effort that HBHH is sure will be a success. Posted by Picasa