Monday, October 01, 2007

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WELLS: Ron & Michael

Ron’s passion since finding out about our work in Haiti has been wells, even though he had no experience in that area. God worked a wonderful miracle by having Michael, from Montana, find us in Florida.

Twenty years ago Michael put in the first 3 wells in St. Suzanne. Those wells have stopped working. HBHH has successfully installed one new working well in the center of the village, but more wells are needed.

Wells are desperately needed at the clinic and school, and in the village of Cotlette, where we have built the new school. Ron, under Michael’s direction, led the mission teams this summer to help solve those problems. The team also worked on trying to fix the 3 older existing wells. Although the wells didn’t get finished, the problems have been identified and the solution has been found. Ron & Michael are getting the supplies they need to finish the wells and are planning their next trip to finish their work in the near future.