Monday, February 12, 2007

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2007 Haiti trip

During the last week of January and first week of February, Patricia Eddy, Judge John Laurent, and Susan Peloubet traveled to Haiti to meet with Fr. Jean, Fr. Medenel, Bishop Chibly and other leaders in Haiti to learn the best way to help create jobs and food programs in Haiti.
Fr. Jean, Fr. Medenel, Susan Peloubet, Bishop Chibly Langlois and John Laurent pose for a picture in Fort Liberte, Haiti. The group visited 10 different villages and met with numerous farmers, agronomists, and leaders trying to find out as much as possible.
The main purpose of this trip was to try to figure out the best way to create jobs and food for the villagers of St. Suzanne. Judge John Laurent, with his extensive agriculture background, was invaluable. The group visited several cooperatives that have been successful for years. The biggest problem that was found was WATER. Solutions must be found to insure that the crops and animals have a good source of water, especially in the dry season. While in St. Suzanne the group met with city and government leaders. The mayor, a congressman, a judge, and other city officials pose with Patricia Eddy and Fr. Medenel during one of those meetings.
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