Saturday, June 25, 2005

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Help needed for the people of Cotlette

Cotlette Families rejoice at hope of
1st School!

Huge crowd of Cotlette families greet Bishop Chibly, Fr. Jean, and Patricia upon their arrival at the site chosen for the first school.

These are pictures from Cotlette, part of St. Suzanne Parish in Fort Liberte Diocese. When I arrived, I asked if there was a festival because of the music, singing and festivity of the people. I was told no, this is all for you! It was very overwhelming and humbling!

The villagers were singing and clapping their hands filled with joy at the possibility of finally getting a school. There are hundreds of children that live in this village. The children have to walk at least 1 1/2 hours one way to the nearest school. For many, this is just too hard.

The villagers made a welcome tent for us, similar to what they do each week for Sunday mass, since there is no church for them to attend. You can also see the future site of the school in the bottom middle picture.

There is nothing here in Cotlette, no well for water, no church, no electricity, no school. The have none of the basics we take for granted in America. These villagers feel forgotten. The hope of help is overwhelming to them. They are hoping and praying that a school can be built for the hundreds of children without a school to attend.

We need your help to build the people of Cotlette a school. They deserve a chance to better their lives. They need to have the hope that somehow their children's lives will be better that the the poverty they have lived in for all these years. Please help us help them!Posted by Hello


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