Monday, January 23, 2006

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Medical Supplies are slowly coming in!

We are collecting medical supplies to use this summer on our medical Mission to St. Suzanne, located in the mountains of the Northeast area of Haiti.

Many items are needed, if you can donate any medical supplies or medicines please contact Barbara Byars 813-289-9369 or Patricia Eddy 813-258-5585.

Below find a list of some of the items that are needed (Generic Brands are fine!) We also need prescription drugs that have an expiration date at least 6 months out:

Blood Pressure Cuffs
Otoscopes/Disposable Speculum cover
Ophthalmoscopes/disposables covers
Band-aids, gauze, dressing, adhesive tape
Kerlix bandage
Disposable Curetts
Disposable Speculum
Bulb Syringe
Tougue Blades
Rubbing Alcohol
KY Jelly
Scalpel and scalpel blades
Microscope and slides
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Exam Gloves
Chux Pads
Syringe and Needles
Rolling IV Stands
Exam Beds
Acu checks and Strips
Hemoglobin and Hemocrit Tubes
Finger Sticks
Goose Neck Lamps
Portable A/C unit
Anti Bacterial Soap, Hand Sanitizer
Antibacterial Moist Wipes
Vitamins; Adult, Prenatal, and Chewable Childrens
Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen,over the counter pain killers
Iron Supplements for adults
Antihistamines (Benadryl, Pseudophed)
Cough/Cold medicines
Steroid Cream (cortisone, lotrisone)
Antifungal creams and shampoos (Monistat, Nizoral)
Flashlights, and Batteries
Hard Candy
Ziplock Bags, Paper lunch bags,
Paper towels, toilet paper
Pens, Pencils, Notepads Posted by Picasa

Christ the King School Children donate Beanie Babies

Christ the King Children donate boxes of Beanie Babies to be given out to the sick children of Haiti.

Bill Butler obtained these beanie babies from Christ the King Elementary School in Tampa, FL. These toys will be given out this summer when a medical team lead by his wife, Dr. Madelyn Butler will lead a team to St. Suzanne, Haiti this summer to care for the sick of that area.

Many supplies are needed, medical and humanitarian. If you can help, please contact Barbara Byars 813-289-9369 or Patricia Eddy 813-258-5585. We'll be glad to pick up whatever you have. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006

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6,400 Kreyol Bibles destined for Haiti.
These Bibles were obtained by Wendy Hickey from World Missionary Press, Inc. and have been donated to HBHH. They will go to Fort Liberte Diocese, one of the poorest areas in Haiti. From there, they will be used by many school children who will learn to read from these Bibles. Many churches will also benefit from these Bibles.

We are very excited to be able to share God's Word in the native Kreyol language. A great gift indeed!

Teens help move these Bibles to HBHH's warehouse where it will go on a Food for the Poor container to Cap Haitian, Haiti. From there it will be picked up by Fr. Medenel and distributed throughout the diocese.Posted by Picasa

Construction continues on the Christ the King School in Cotelette, Haiti.
Phase 1 is almost completed. Phase 1 consist of 4 classrooms and living quarters for the teachers. Posted by Picasa

Bishop Chibly, Pastor Fr. Medenel and the sisters at the future convent in St. Suzanne, Haiti.
Christ the King Church in Tampa, FL has teamed with HBHH to complete the work needed to finish the Sisters Convent. Currently, the sisters have been living in the medical clinic.

HBHH is looking for donations of furniture for the convent. The sisters will need linens, single beds, dressers, night stands, and a chair for each bedroom. They also will need a stove, refridgerator, TV, sofa, chairs and tables for the Living area. A dining table and chairs will be needed for the kitchen area. They will also need all the usual things, pots, pans, dishes, and curtains for the windows.

If you can help, please contact us. HBHH has a truck that will be shipping furniture for the school leaving in early March. Any help is greatly appreciated. Posted by Picasa

Fr. Tupa, Fr. Daly, Deacon Solomon, join Fr. Jean and over 200 women at the the Advent Social at Christ the King. Posted by Picasa

Advent Social Organizers with Fr. Daly Posted by Picasa Organizers, Theresa Miller and Barbara Byars pose with graphic artist Ann Griffin and Pastor, Fr. Daly at the annual Women’s Advent Social at Christ the King Parish Center in Tampa, FL Nov. 27, 2005.

It was a lovely evening filled with prayer, good food and fellowship. Over 200 women attended from all over the diocese.

Fr. Desinard Jean made the trip from Port-au-Prince to be with us and to share the problems facing him and the people of Haiti. Fr. Jean is in charge of all the Catholic Radio Stations in Haiti. He resides in Port-au-Prince, near the slums where much of the violence originates.

We were pleased that we raised enough money to give Fr. Jean a check for Radio Soleil, his radio ministry, and raised money to help pay some of the tuition of Fr. Jean’s needy children.