Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Container # 2 Ships to Haiti

Here is the work crew that loaded the container to the very top! What a great group of volunteers!
Student Desk, medicines, and school supplies are on the way to Haiti.
Second shipment worth over $130,000 of goods donated to the poor in Haiti. This container shipped April 17, 2006. More goods to help change lives!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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Phase 1 of the new CTK school is almost complete!

It was so emotional to see the progress of the new Catholic school in Cotelette. Last June when I visited, this was only a dream and a piece of land. Now, phase 1 of the school is weeks away from completion.

Besides, a school, this building is used as a Church on Sundays. Up to now, church on sundays has been in a make shift tent, made from sheets, brought from the villagers homes each Sunday. Posted by Picasa

Christ the King School in Cotelette

Bishop Chibly and Patricia are greeted by Sr. Eugenie, the Principal, and the children and parents of the new school in Cotelette.
The 1st floor of the school will be finished this month. This picture is part of the four classrooms.
Dividers are being made to divide these classrooms during the day. On Sundays, this is converted to a church so that the villagers of Cotelette can celebrate mass in a covered area, instead of under a make shift tent, as has been done until now. How exciting to see the joy of the villagers! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

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Children of Haiti.

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2 hopeful Medical Students.

Rose Carlene and Wilford are villagers in St. Suzanne Village. It is their dream to become doctors, to come back and serve the villagers of St. Suzanne.
We are looking for a way to make that dream come true, by sponsoring them for medical school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Posted by Picasa

Contrast of the beauty of Haiti and the Poverty!

Haiti is a really beautiful country. The mountains are breathtaking! But the sharp contrast of the poverty everwhere is a reminder of how much help the Haitian people need. Posted by Picasa

Children on the Road.

These chidren are bringing home items needed for their family. Posted by Picasa

Crossing a Road in Haiti, a River Road!

The only scary part of being in Haiti on this visit was the roads. Because of the rain, many roads are almost not passable. Posted by Picasa

Typical Scenes in Haiti April 2006

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Fr. Duken, Patricia and Fr. Medenel

Fr. Duken is in charge of Food for the Poor in Cap Haitian. It's his ok, that allows us to ship containers to Haiti to help Fr. Medenel and his parish.
We are very thankful to Food for the Poor for helping us help the poor in Nord-East Diocese of Fort Liberte, Haiti. Posted by Picasa

St. Suzanne Village Scenes

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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Faces of Haiti

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Getting the daily water supply at the Well.

This is a village well, typical in Haiti.

Water is always a problem in Haiti. We are in the process of drilling 3 wells in St. Suzanne. One at the St. Suzanne Church, one at St. Suzanne School, and one at the new CTK School we are building for Cotelette. Posted by Picasa

Life in Haiti...

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Transportation In Haiti

There are very few cars. In St. Suzanne, there are only 2 cars in the entire village, besides the Pastor's Car.
Everyone walks, rides a donkey, rides a bicycle or pays for a ride in one of these trucks or "tap tap" as they are called. Posted by Picasa

Teachers in Training

This is a picture of Fr. Medenel (far right), Patricia and the 5 students that HBHH and Christ the King Catholic Church in Tampa, FL are sending to school in Fort Liberte. They are in training to become teachers in St. Suzanne Parish. These 5 young people will become teachers in either St. Suzanne School or the new Christ the King School in Cotelette, a chapel of St. Suzanne Parish. In return for their education, they agree to teach in this parish for at least 3 years for each year they are sent to school. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

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Cooking Supper.

Charcoal is used to cook food in Haiti. Posted by Picasa