Monday, July 24, 2006

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HBHH sends 1st Medical Team to St. Suzanne

This picture was taken on our 1st day. We saw 1000 patients in 4 1/2 days. The trip was exhausting but it was so rewarding to be able to help so many people.

The doctors, nurses, interpreters and helpers were very dedicated and hard working. This trip was an experience that we will never forget. Posted by Picasa

So many sick patients!

The medical conditions were shocking! There were so many sick people so desperate for help.

Many of the patients had to be carried into the clinic because they were so weak. I was amazed at how many people had high fever. I could not imagine how they had the strength to walk long distances up the hill to get to the clinic. Many of the diseases we never see in America. It was so helpful to have a Haitian Doctor with us that understands the medical needs of the Haitian people. Posted by Picasa

HBHH Medical Mission

These are daily scenes from our medical mission. Each day everyone was given worm medicine, vitamins, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste and the needed medicines. Each child was given a package with a beanie baby, a ball, and some beads. Posted by Picasa

The Doctors in Action.

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Sisters and Teachers learn to make Rosaries

Thousands of Rosary making supplies were brought to the village. Haitians love to pray the Rosary. In Haiti, rosaries are in great demand and are very scarce.

The teachers and Sisters were taught how to make them so that they can be distributed to all those who would like to have one. Posted by Picasa

HBHH Teen Mission Team arrives in Haiti!

HBHH sends a team of 12 teens and parents to St. Suzanne for the 1st Catholic Mission Group to this area.
The team's goal was to work alongside the Haitians to paint the school in St. Suzanne and to help get things ready for the Medical Mission the following week.
This group of teens was wonderful. They were such hard workers, overcoming the hardships Americans are not used to having.
The villagers seemed to love having us in their village. They would return all of our smiles and greetings each morning as we walked up the hill to the school and the clinic to do our work. One of the things they loved was to have us take their picture and then show them on our digital cameras.
Being in Haiti was a great experience for all of us. We all grew to love the joy, simplicity and spirituality of the Haitian people. Posted by Picasa

Teen Mission Team Starts Painting School

The teen mission team starts painting Notre Dame School in St. Suzanne, Haiti.
It was wonderful to see the teamwork between the Haitians and the Americans. Everyone worked hard in the heat to give the school a new facelift.
Sr. Eugene, the principal of the school was delighted with our efforts. Our original plan was to paint the exterior of the school. Before we realized what was happening, Sr. Eugene had us painting parts of the exterior that were never before painted and painting the interior of the school as well! Sr. Eugene was the sweetest slave driver you'll ever meet!
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Teen Mission Team

Notre Dame School in St. Suzanne has 385 students attending the morning school, and 185 students attending the afternoon school. Because of lack of space the school day must be split into 2 shifts. The school is in need of repairs to the windows, doors, and bathrooms. Fr. Medenel and the Sisters are so grateful for all of our efforts to make the school look better until the rest of the repairs can be done.

After a week of hard work, we posed in front of the newly painted Notre Dame School in St. Suzanne. Posted by Picasa

Teens bring joy by playing with the village children!

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David and Ashley help Fr. Jean

David and Ashley help Fr. Jean with the new website for Radio Soleil in Port-au-Prince. Posted by Picasa

Teen Mission Team visit new school in Cotlette

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3 Scout Projects Help Children in Haiti!

3 Tampa Teens complete their Scout projects this summer in Haiti, bringing joy to hundreds of Haitian children.
Michael collected hundreds of backpacks and filled them with basic school supplies. Julia collected Christ the King uniforms for the new CTK school in Cotlette, Haiti. Evan collected beanie babies, beads and balls which were given to every sick child during HBHH's medical Mission.
These teens worked very hard and showed the real meaning of mission to the villagers in Haiti. Their efforts brough great joy to the children and to their families. Great job Evan, Julia and Michael!!! Posted by Picasa