Friday, May 05, 2006

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HBHH Donates Food for St. Suzanne Needy.

On my April trip to Haiti, the Parish Council spoke about the needs of the poor, the sick , and the elderly who don't have enough food to eat. The Parish Council spoke of their frustrations that they have nothing to give them. During that trip, Fr. Medenel showed me his pantry that was almost empty. He asked if we could help him help the hungry.
On Wednesday, May 3rd, it was a great joy to see the sacks of food that the parish was able to buy with the money HBHH had sent to them. The villagers were so grateful for everything that was given to them. A group of parish members orgainzed the food distribution. They distributed rice, oil, cornmeal and beans. Everyone was so thankful for the help given them. It will be wonderful to also be able to give medical care to these people this summer.
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St. Suzanne Village Scenes

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They Found Water!

HBHH's goal of drilling wells in the St. Suzanne area has been successful! The first of 3 planned wells has been drilled and the village has a clean and close water supply. (3 wells had been drilled back in the 80's but are no longer working.) Excitement from the entire village was felt as many villagers came by from time to time to see the well being drilled.
When I arrived the work had stopped because a part was needed, but I was blessed to be there when they hit water.

Two of the wells will be drilled in St. Suzanne, while the 3rd will be at the new school in Cotlette. In St. Suzanne, one well will be in front of the Church in the center of the village, another one at the school. It was very exciting to see something that will make a huge difference in the lives in this village. Posted by Picasa

Visit with Fr. Jean at Radio Soleil

This trip we visited with Fr. Jean in Port-au-Prince. We met with Fr. Jean and he gave us a tour of the facilities. We discussed needs he has for his Radio ministry throughout the country of Haiti. Posted by Picasa

The new Art and English teacher arrives!

The main purpose of my 3rd trip was to take Alicia to St. Suzanne for the month of May. Hundreds of art items were brought in our suitcases for Alicia to use to teach the children different art techniques and projects.
Alicia will teach English to Fr. Medenel, the Sisters, the teachers, the children and other villagers that are interested. Needless to say, all the villagers are very excited about learning English.
Alicia will be very busy teaching Art and English while learning Creole at the same time! Posted by Picasa

1st Container Arrives during Patricia's 3rd Trip to Haiti!

  • What joy to see the excitement and enthusiam of the villagers! Everyone helped to unload the trucks that were rented to transport the items from Cap Haitian to St. Suzanne. It took 2 days and 2 trips back and forth to Cap Haitian to get all the merchandise that was shipped. The container was filled with :
  • Creole Bibles
  • Student desks for the new school being built in Cotelette.
  • Medical supplies for the summer mission trip.
  • School supplies.
  • Chairs for church.
  • Furnishing for the Convent.
  • Refrigerators and stove.
  • Fabric and used clothes for the Women's Center.
  • Office furniture and chairs for the Rectory and Schools.
  • Bicycles

Two other parishes other than St. Suzanne in Haiti will also benefit from this container. Items were shipped from 2 Twinning churches in Florida. These items will go to Terrier Rouge, Haiti and Dilliare, Haiti.

Metal doors, made in Haiti, for the school were also picked up and delivered to St. Suzanne. The doors say "Ecole Christ Roi"- Christ the King School. Desk were stored in an storage area until the new Christ the King-Cotelette school is complete. Posted by Picasa