Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Feb 2009 trip highlights

Feeding the poor in Haiti is always in great need. This trip, we were blessed to be able to help give out much needed food. Notice the hundreds of villagers waiting in the rain.
Fr. Medenel really needs a new car!!! Car trouble in Haiti is always an issue, especially with Fr. Medenel's car. No trip is complete without waiting on the side of the road for help!

Fr. Medenel travels up and down the horrible mountain road most days to carry out the needs of the village. His car is one of the few cars that exist in the village.
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Feb 2009 Haiti trip highlights

House calls were made by the HBHH doctor to bring food and medicine to those too sick to get to the HBHH medical clinic.

Jamie Derzypolski of WBVM's Spirit FM 90.5 and Jorge Narvaez of Loco Video Productions do donated their time and talent to come to Haiti to video the work HBHH is doing in Haiti.
We visited the Montessori vegetable gardens that the children are so excited to work in while visiting one of the schools HBHH support in Haiti.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

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HBHH meets about future school in Trou du Nord

CHF International is a partner with HBHH to make a new school possible in Trou du Nord. This new school will replace a school that is falling apart.

The new school will have a minimum of 12oo students. The old school has elementary and middle school education, but the new school will add high school education as well. In Haiti, high school education is rare, which makes the project even more exciting.

Patricia Eddy, Ex. Director, Andrea and Jack Koczela future International Field Coordinators for HBHH met CHF leaders to finalize the project. Bishop Chibly Langlois and Monsignor Leckner with numerous leaders and members of the Trou du Nord community came to show their support.

Breaking ground for the new school is expected in the fall of 2009.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Feb 2009 Trip

Jamie from WBVM's Sprit FM 90.5 radio station in Tampa, FL meet with Fr. Jean in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Much of the radio equipment Fr. Jean has was donated by Spirit FM.
We visited with some of the students and their parents that are sponsored by HBHH. HBHH makes it possible to send these young people to school. It was so fulfilling to hear their stories about the difference our help is making in their lives.
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